October 2020: Learning Coach - Tasha Tolbert, Teacher Librarian & Learning Coach, discusses her innovative role as a Learning Skills Coach for her school campus in Severance and how she is meeting the diverse needs of her students.

November 2020: Creativity, Innovation and Makerspaces! Derek Phelan, a Teacher Librarian in Cherry Creek Schools investigates how to be creative during COVID times.  We will also take a deeper look at why innovation is important in our schools, and we will take a tour of a Makerspace where you will hopefully walk away with lots of ideas to try at your school.

January 2021: Modern Digital Teacher Librarian - Meet Karen McIntosh; a Digital Teacher Librarian in Jefferson County School District who recently has transitioned from an elementary school to a secondary high school. Join us as she speaks to how she is a collaborative bridge with K-12 teachers and administrators. She will share her innovative practices that have worked for her in using strategies she has learned through design thinking, educational technology skills, and curation skills.

February 2021: Finding the Leader in Me - Watch the replay of Jody Jones, a Teacher Librarian at Butler Elementary in Ft. Lupton, who shares her journey on how she learned to identify the leader within herself.  She shares her ideas on how to lead through collaboration and coaching with colleagues. She  also tied in how she values making learning fun and relevant for students in addition to the power of building relationships with a ‘yes, and..’ attitude.

April 2021: Making Meaningful Connections in an Overwhelmed World. Educators and librarians work long hours to guide people in finding the joy of reading and becoming life-long learners. Both groups have tools to help them meet that goal, but how much more can be accomplished if they share resources? How can we accomplish this when exhaustion pervades the work? These public youth librarians found a simple answer that might work for you too!

April 2021: Using Student Voice to Shape Library Redesign
This session will discuss how to gather student input with google forms and informal advisory sessions in order to collect data that can drive library redesign - make the most of your library space to support curriculum and encourage students to use the space for learning and growth- both during class and at lunch and study periods.