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Through creative collaboration with teachers of any subject the library can become not only a place of investigation, but moves beyond research and creates an environment that incorporates student based learning, technology, student engagement and …..SHHH….Fun. Content in any subject doesn’t have to take a backseat when creating engaging lessons, in fact it takes center stage in the collaborative process, and with expectations and innovation the nasty little secret is that student engagement and learning doesn’t go away when the children begin to play.

The process works with any content: Science, Social studies, Language Arts, Math, Health, Music and other electives and yes even P.E.

Graig MacHendrie is a Digital Literacy Specialist at Sagewood Middle School in Douglas County.  He has been a teacher for 26 years and has elementary and middle school experience in Language Arts, Technology, and Physical Education. Graig is a coach and teacher and has spent the last 7 years in the Sagewood Media Center.  From creating a digital print shop to planning and collaborating with teachers, Graig redesigned the Sagewood Library into an environment that focuses on engagement, critical thinking, and using innovation to create student ownership in learning.

Graig has given a keynote with Epson on Innovation in Education and has created district and school level professional development.  He believes that the strongest way to drive learning and thinking is to think outside the box and create fun, engaging, and collaborative opportunities for students and teachers.   With effective planning, sometimes technology,  and a whole lot of creativity,  there is no content that is too hard to handle.  Graig also believes that the library is a place that can take students way beyond just research, and give students and teachers the opportunity to expand and explore their content, their thinking,  and their learning.

This webinar is sponsored in part by IMLS.