This month’s session “Perspectives of a New Teacher-Librarian” features Telluride teacher-librarian Dori Crowe, a former classroom teacher and K-12 library paraprofessional, as she shares her journey and perspectives of teaching in urban Chicago and then moving to rural Telluride in the role of a preschool teacher and then library paraprofessional. In this interactive session, we discuss the journey of what it’s like as a new teacher-librarian, the similarities and differences between urban and rural teaching, community partnerships, and more.

Dori Crowe juggles many roles as a 2nd-year rural Teacher-Librarian. She is the Telluride School Library Media Specialist, Middle School Yearbook Teacher, and Independent Studies Teacher. Prior to her role as a teacher-librarian, Dori spent 19 years as the lead teacher at Telluride Preschool and before that, 4 years teaching 1st grade in Chicago Public Schools.

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